A new train of thought: the TSB Recorder – Transportation Safety Board of Canada

A new train of thought: the TSB Recorder – Transportation Safety Board of Canada

December 3rd, 2012

Posted by: Wendy A. Tadros

We’re all affected by transportation safety. Every one of us. Aircraft carry us from coast to coast to coast. Pipelines transport oil and gas to key markets. Trains and ferries connect us to loved ones throughout the country. And we expect them to be safe, which is exactly why we work so hard every day to improve our transportation system.

Today, we’re embarking on a new venture with the launch of our blog—the TSB Recorder. We chose this name because it speaks to the importance of capturing and communicating information and also represents an essential part of how we investigate.

Transportation Safety Board of Canada blog

Over the coming months, we’ll share stories about safety, discuss key advancements in transportation and provide you a glimpse into life at the TSB. Our main goal? To help you better understand the work that we do at the TSB.

Learn more about transportation safety in Canada

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As the people that live, work and use the Canadian transportation system, this blog is for you. So we’d love to read your feedback on:

    • What topics you think we should cover
    • What aspect of transportation safety you’d like to learn more about

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Wendy A. Tadros

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Wendy A. Tadros started working at the TSB 18 years ago, and was appointed Chair in 2006. She retired on August 21, 2014. She is a lawyer with extensive experience in transportation, a mom and an avid traveler.

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